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Technical features of parallel co-rotating twin-screw compounding extrusion/granulation unit

Technical features of parallel co-rotating twin-screw compounding extrusion/granulation unit

2019/01/08 15:00
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◆The main screw rotates in the same direction, adopting the building block principle design, with excellent dispersing mixing performance, controllable material residence time, good exhaust devolatilization performance, excellent interchangeability, self-cleaning, flexible modularity The combination of features such as a wide range of versatility, versatility and specific requirements specificity.
◆Mainframe serialization: screw diameter ¢20mm- ¢200mm, and divided into four sub-series of A, B, C, D according to different speed and torque levels, providing users with more choices. ◆Plasticizing and mixing screw
The screw element is fully meshed and has a good self-cleaning property and any interchangeability;
The screw element and the mandrel are connected by advanced involute spline to achieve higher working torque and larger screw working volume. More than 20 years of experience in screw design and software technology, new screw components are continuously introduced. Combined configuration to meet the process requirements of various materials processing.
◆Drive system
Deceleration, torque distribution integration, new structural design, enhanced safety margin, high-precision hard tooth surface grinding, key bearings and seals are imported, with independent forced lubrication cooling system; optional imported high Torque gearboxes and safety torque protectors further enhance the performance of the equipment.