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Company Profile

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Nanjing AOYU Machinery Co.,Ltd, is a set of R & D design, manufacturing, marketing, service in the body of high-tech enterprises!

Our company owns several senior engineers who are devoted in the field of twin screw extruder.We constantlyabsorb the advanced technologies from home and bbroad,emphasize the talents' training andrecommendation,win-win cooperate with the research institutions.According to the clients featured processrequirements,we can supply the matched equip technology design.Depending on rich technology expeiience,wealways keep the high quality,high technology level and perfect after-sales service.So wide praise and trust are gainedfrom our clients.Meanwhile ,we have built good cooperation relationship with the clients from different areas.Ourproducts are sold to different areas in China.We are focusing on the developing,research and innovation to manfactethe latest and top quality products,then to meet the higher demands from Chinese and international markets.

Our products mainly contain;Single screw extruder,twin screw extruder,underwater granulator,plasticgranulator,elastic body granulator,nylon granulator,plastic recyling granulator,rubber and master granulator etc.Theproducts are mainly suitable for ABS, PE. PP. PVC. PA, PC/ABS. PET. PS HIPS, EPS PU, PBT, LCP, TPE,ТРR. ТРU. ТРV еtс рlаѕtісѕ' аntіflаmіng,ѕtrеngthеn,fіlіng,оmроund еtс.Рrоfеѕѕіоnаl рrоduсtіоn;ЅТЕЅеrіеѕФ20. ФЗ5.Ф5О. Ф60. Ф65 Ф75. Ф90 twіn-ѕсrеw ехtrudеr.ЅНJЅ ѕеrіеѕ twо ѕtаgе ехtrudеr.Wе саn mоdіfісаtіоn аnd оvеrhаul fоrvarious types of twin-screw extruder, production the spare parts,and we undertake all types of othermachinery,machanical product manufacturing process.

Our perfect after-sales service can help clients to resolve the urgent trouble instantly.To meet clients processrequiremments,we can also modify the equipments accordingly.We have gained the high reputations from ourclients,which greatly encourage us to grow together with the developed plastic industries.